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Talks that matter - hire me to speak at your event!

A great event should Educate, Entertain and Motivate People into Action. Your event deserves it.


Looking for a key note for your event or a master of ceremony that lights up your sustainability conference and brings it to higher levels of success?


With high energy, passion, humor, with knowledge and understanding of the topics that are on the agenda I will engage the speakers, energize audiences, inspire people and bring results.



Six reasons why Lucas Simons is your perfect speaker and master of ceremony for your event

Lucas presentation is an experience: He is a master presenter and facilitator. He uses examples, stories, interactive sessions, surprising questions, combined with a lot of energy, humor, directness and honesty to make sure that the serious content can be discussed in ways that will be remembered years after the event has happened.
You get 20 years of award winning, real life experience in sustainability, systems change, leadership, entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation condensed in an engaging presentation.
Lucas is a thought leader in his field yet will use simple and pragmatic tools, language and examples that will have an impact on the audience and change their way of understanding.
You can put Lucas in front of a group of 20 people or 5000 people. For a group of mba students or a group of senior executives. He has delivered speeches in 20 countries on 4 continents. He knows how to engage with any audience and deliver the message.
You deserve a speaker who goes the extra mile. He will help you get the maximum results out of your entire event.
Your event should be special. It therefore also needs a special format. Lucas doesn’t believe in series of speeches and panel discussions. Let’s do it different. Let’s engage. Interact. Have real discussions. Challenge the experts. Seek out differences. Discuss what is not working. Agree what is working. Find new pathways. If you ask Lucas to think with you, don’t expect a standard presentation or a standard format.
HRM Viktoria de Bourbon de Parme
“Lucas sets a tone of vibrant enthusiasm, in-depth knowledge combined with an engaging sense of humor. Lucas is always full of energy, he puts people at ease, and is also quick to bring the discussion to the essence of the matter. Working with Lucas means that you will always learn, keep focusing on the big picture and have fun along the way”

Specialised topics for key notes are:

Changin the Game Sustainable market transformation – how you can change the world?
Sustainability opportunities – There will be winners and losers.
Personal Leadership – how to overcome the little voices in your head?
(social) Enterpreneurship – how to achieve the impossible on a shoestring?
Inspiration - How to find your personal mission?

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